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At Showtime Analytics, our mission is to bring leading analytics tools and techniques to an industry we are passionate about. We partner with stakeholders across the entire cinema value chain to analyse, visualise and ultimately monetise your data.


The Challenge

The cinema industry is in the middle of a data explosion, with a growing need to gather, store and analyse data to gain competitive edge.

As the data sources available to the industry multiply on a daily basis, the challenge is how to build your own analytics capability with costs and skills required in key IT areas, such as:

  • Costs of Hardware, Infrastructure & Software
  • Data Integrations, Protection & Security
  • Development & Support Resources
  • Analytics, Visualisation & Data Science Skills
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Our Solution

At Showtime we have created a leading edge data analytics platform dedicated to the movie industry, making analytics accessible to everyone from small independents to large cinema chains, studios, suppliers, advertisers and partner networks.

Our data platform is a secure, scalable, high availability cloud-based managed service, removing the overhead of building, developing & managing your own infrastructure.

Our prebuilt data connection APIs automatically ingest in real-time and model the ever growing number of data sources.

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The Opportunity

Once your data is in the platform you can maximise the value of your data assets through:

  • Use of any of our existing Showtime Products: Insights, Engage, Collaborate.
  • Extend the functionality of your products by adding your own custom requirements.
  • Leverage the expertise of our Data Scientists and Visualisation Gurus to augment your own teams on a capability or capacity basis.
  • Build your own proprietary applications all leveraging the performance, security and scalability of our data platform.
  • Use our web-hooks to blend, merge and pipe structured data to your own internal systems and processes.

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Showtime Data Platform

Real-time Visual Analytics

Our Insights product brings your data to life through real-time, user-friendly visual analytics.

Each Insights dashboard provides a highly interactive analytics view of key areas of business focus: events, concessions, customers & staffing.

User and role based security ensures you see the relevant content and data to your specific job role & interests.

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Analytics Culture

At Showtime we believe cultural adoption is the key to analytics success.

Our Mass User licensing model puts our insights product in the hands of everyone in your organisation.

Real-time analytics, available to anyone on any device, ensuring maximum cultural collaboration and adoption.

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Community Network

All team communication in one single place; no need to e-mail, communicate directly with all users from within the Insights application.

Copy and share key insights directly with users and create company groups and channels to share content and ideas.

Enable in application notifications of key events.

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Showtime Support

We believe our customers are central to the success of our products; our Showtime Support puts you at the heart of product development.

Chat with any member of the support team, alert them to issues and talk through any problems.

Receive notifications to the latest features and functionality, vote for favourites and provide direct feedback.

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Step 1: Know Your Customer

For your customers, Cinema is an experience in itself. With the large volume of Cinema goers these days it is next to impossible to know all your customers, but the data trails they leave can help you.

We piece together who your customers are by using your data in our Single Customer View; Data from Loyalty programs, ticket and retail transactions, Email newsletters, web booking, mobile apps and social media are combined into unified view of your customers.

Engage allows you to understand your business through the lens of your Customer behaviours; Know your customers to understand your business.

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Step 2: Data Science

Your customers are not just data points, they are people first. Each one takes a different journey with your Cinema and enjoy different aspects of the Cinema experience. Not all are alike, but some are more similar than others.

Our Single Customer View gives a complete view of past behaviours and upcoming pre booked visits. The advanced algorithms powering the showtime data platform, make the impossible, possible - a holistic understanding of what your customers are likely to do next:

  • Who is likely to visit in the next 7 days?
  • What film will they see when they visit?
  • Will they buy retail on their visit, or is a premium upgrade a more likely purchase?

Our platform deploys Machine Learning to automatically learn from new interactions with each customer, ensuring you understand the appropriate next action for each guest and the ongoing preferences for each of your customers.

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Step 3: Decision Engine and Personalisation

Powered by data science, our Engage and Insights product work in tandem to allow brands the performance of their business through the lens of their customers. Identifying trends in groups of customers is nothing without the ability to react to them.

Engage gives the business user an intuitive way to isolate groups of customers and deploy our Decision Engine to determine the appropriate, personalised action for each customer right now; be it physical/digital experience or a tailored message to the customer. Our decision engine takes a contextual view of the customer to determine for that customer what is the right action, at the right time, delivered using the right channel.

Data Informed, personalised interactions with your customers provide a better customer experience which will support a Cinemas ability to build stronger more profitable relationships with their customers over time.

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Coming Soon

We are working on something very interesting!

Collaborate allows stakeholders in the cinema value chain to share data and partner together on data initiatives that drive growth across the cinema industry & generate new revenue streams for exhibition.

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