The Showtime Platform

Centralising your cinema data together in one place, making the latest data analytics capabilities available to everyone from small independents to large cinema chains.

The Showtime Analytics Platform Collects Data

 ① Collect

Streamline your data collection with one partner and one integration for all your data sources using our realtime API.

The Showtime Analytics Platform Stores Data

② Store

Our platform is a secure, scalable, cloud-based service, removing the need for you to build and maintain your own applications.

The Showtime Analytics Platform Presents Data back to you

③ Present

Use our purpose-built cinema industry products or work with our experienced team to build your own custom solutions.



Bring operational data to life through automated, real-time, User-friendly visual analytics. The product identifies opportunities in key areas of the cinema business including ticketing, pricing, staffing, retail and scheduling.


Create cinema experiences that your audience will remember. Get to know your patrons through behavioural data analysis, tailor personalised marketing communications & most importantly track results.


Why Showtime?


By Cinema People For Cinema People.

We apply our deep sector knowledge to everything we build, ensuring our products address the challenges faced by our customers and their customers.


Easy Integration.

Our independent, agnostic data platform integrates with all your key technology systems and providers.


Strategic Partnerships.

We work collaboratively with all the major technology providers in the cinema industry to bring win-win solutions to our mutual clients.


GDPR Compliant.

All of our products have been designed with GDPR legislation at its core, we adopt a privacy by design approach ensuring personal data rights are protected.


Exclusive Access.

We are partners with global analytics company ComScore and have exclusive access to their market data for our products Insights & Engage.


No Massive Investment.

We're a SaaS company, rolling all your analytics costs into one single monthly fee.


Your Data Belongs To You.

We feel passionately that data ownership lies with our clients. Our promise is that your data belongs to you and will not be monetised under our Platform or Products.



Ready To Rock.

We partner with the leading technology providers in the cinema industry, meaning you can easily get started by using our 'plug and play' data integrations with your existing systems, accessing new and exciting capabilities from many more third party providers.


NCR partnership with Showtime Analytics

"The cinema industry now more than ever needs to explore new and innovative ways of maximizing the revenue from their existing customer base and find innovative ways of attracting new audiences. We see data analytics as being core to this strategy allowing our customers to build a better, more connected relationship with their customers by offering an exceptional User experience. The combined technology enables cinemas to better understand customer needs and improve customer experience."

- NCR Corporation General Manager, Travel & Entertainment, Dennis Davidson

Finxx partnership with Showtime Analytics

"Finixx’ first international partnership with Showtime Analytics opens up an exciting new frontier for us. The Chinese movie industry is growing from strength to strength. For this momentum to continue, we must invest in innovative new technologies. With the merger of Showtime’s data analytics capability with Finixx, and taking advantage of the Big Data from the Alibaba ecology, we will be able to offer more data products and services to cinemas in China. In Showtime, we have found an important strategic partner in the Irish tech industry that shares our passion and ambition for cinema, and we look forward to building on our new relationship in the years ahead."

- Yueke/Finixx’s general manager, Li Xiangxiong

UK Cinema Association partnership with Showtime Analytics

"Showtime Analytics have established a strong track record of delivery when it comes to data analytics in the cinema sector, and have already impressed with their understanding of the challenges presented by working with a diverse range of companies. This is a hugely exciting project for the Association and we look forward to welcoming more members on board as the potential benefits on offer from this work become increasingly apparent."

- UK Cinema Association Chief Executive, Phil Clapp