Film Journal Coverage: Showtime Analytics links data-analytics platform with ticket. international

Original article appeared on Film Journal, available to view here.

Showtime Analytics, a provider of data-analytics solutions for the cinema industry, announced an agreement to integrate its data platform with major European point-of-sale provider ticket. international.

ticket. international customers will now have the ability to integrate Showtime Analytics product “Insights”, a cloud-based system which brings data to life through real-time, user-friendly visual analytics via a standard web browser or mobile device.  Each Insights dashboard provides an interactive analytics view of key areas of business focus including events, concessions, distribution analysis, occupancy, retail trends, probability analysis and real-time KPIs. User and role-based security allows cinema owners to ensure only relevant content and data are visible to specific job role and function.

Showtime Analytics plans to launch a second product later this year called “Engage,” which will also be available to ticket. international customers. “Engage” is Showtime Analytics’ customer and marketing analytics platform which provides cinema operators with a fully interactive view of their customer base in a single place. Within minutes, operators can understand, target and campaign to contactable customers.