All data sources feed into the Showtime Analytics platform

Integrated Data Sources


Our API connects to many different data sources, housing all your data in one place using the Showtime Platform.

  • Point of Sale - Ticketing Systems
  • Point of Sale - Retail & Concessions
  • Point of Sale - Restaurant, Food & Beverage
  • Loyalty & Membership Programmes
  • Staffing & Payroll Systems
  • Mobile Apps & Websites
  • Theatre Management Systems
  • Theatre Distribution Systems
  • Market Data
  • Local Databases & APIs
  • WiFi & Beacons
  • Social Media


Platform Features

Showtime Analytics Big Data by Design

Big Data by Design

Leveraging many components of the Hadoop ecosystem, we have a developed a Big Data platform capable of processing vast streams of data. High availability and horizontally scalable, model all of your disparate data sources in one location to satisfy all of your analytics and data processing needs.

Showtime Analytics SaaS Model

SaaS Model

Cloud-based hosting in Amazon Web Services means no capital expenditure or local installations. Solutions are available in multi-tenancy or single-tenancy configurations. Unlike similar analytics solutions which charge per User, we charge one single monthly subscription for our products.

Showtime Analytics Data Security


Data security is paramount. Access to all resources is VPN restricted. All data is encrypted in Motion and at Rest. Each customer has their own 256-bit encryption key. Access to data for each user is governed by our proprietary ACL module.

Showtime Analytics Integrations


We are constantly integrating with all of Cinema’s major software vendors so the hard part of getting your data into our platform is already done. This covers all major areas of technology within cinema such as POS, TMS and HQ. For your other data sources, we will work with you to build custom ETL to bring all of your data together in one place.

Showtime Analytics Data Modelling

Data Modelling

We have many data processing pipelines which model your data in different structures to support different use cases. Custom pipelines available which feed your other systems with raw data or output of our custom analysis.

Showtime Analytics Modern Web Interfaces

Modern Web Interfaces

Leveraging all of the best available charting and component libraries, we have developed our own proprietary design system which enables rapid development of amazing user interfaces built using ReactJs, an ultra modern web framework. Fully web responsive means a fully tailored experience optimised for the device you use most, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.

No down time with Showtime Analytics

Continuity of Service

As Showtime is vendor agnostic and provides standardised data modelling, there is no down time as you transition from one provider to another, maintaining your entire data history. Standardise all your key business metrics across all your technology providers using our centralised Data management console, no need to switch providers.



All of our products have been designed with GDPR legislation at its core, we adopt a privacy by design approach ensuring personal data rights are protected.


Your Data Belongs to You

We feel passionately that data ownership lies with our clients. Our promise is that your data belongs to you and will not be monetised under our Platform or Products.



Platform Architecture

Showtime Analytics Platform Architecture